As a proud fifth-generation North Dakotan, I am deeply committed to all issues concerning our incredible state.  Although I will work hard to promote all of North Dakota’s interests, my top priorities are Agriculture, Education, and Veterans’ Issues.  It is my goal to become a member of the committees and subcommittees which address these issues, and to make North Dakota’s voice heard on the national stage.



As almost 90 percent of North Dakota is farmland, and almost 24 percent of North Dakotans are involved in the agriculture industry, agriculture is naturally of critical importance to North Dakotans.  I am invested in keeping farming a private enterprise and limiting government interference.  Family farms in the United States are rapidly disappearing, and I believe that agriculture is the backbone of America - without family farms in America, we lose an important way of life. As a farmer’s daughter, I am intimately involved in the plight of the American family farmer.  I pledge to be active in all matters agricultural, and to fight to preserve a significant way of life.



I believe that an educated citizenry is extremely important in the 21st century, and I pledge to support education, to lobby for better pay for teachers, to put an end to education funding cuts, and to emphasize life skills in schools to better prepare individuals for life beyond the classroom.  North Dakota is a largely rural state, and I understand the challenges inherent in rural education.  I will work as hard as possible to address these challenges, and to help North Dakotans succeed.



As veterans make sacrifices to protect the people of this country, it is important that we take care of them on their return to civilian life, whether it is with health care, job assistance, or homelessness prevention.  Instead of veterans waiting for access to health care at VA Hospitals, I will advocate for veterans to be able to obtain quality health care from the physicians of their choice.  I intend to work with the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Veterans Affairs to address local and national issues of veteran homelessness.

Although these are my top priorities, I am absolutely aware that there are many, many issues facing North Dakotans, and I pledge to do my best to address these issues in my first term.  I believe that North Dakota deserves a strong, honest, and caring representative in the House, and I believe that I have the skills, integrity, and desire to be that representative.  I intend to continue to serve my country to the best of my ability.  I am proud to be North Dakotan, and I will do my best to make North Dakota proud of me.

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